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Jo Spies - Homeopathic Blend

Jo Spies - Homeopathic Blend

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The Homeopathic Blend Range is my signature range that I have made by hand to address some of the most common complaints you might have. 



Bites and Stings is a homeopathic blend to help deal with nasty bites and stings. Will help take the soreness away and decrease swelling and inflammation

Mummy’s Milk is a homeopathic blend designed to help support the body to produce adequate breast milk. Taken regularly it will help to increase milk production.

Ear Ache is a homeopathic blend that has been hand-made to help with the pain of sore ears in little people and big people for that matter. It will also help to heal after ear issues.

Tantrum blend is the SOS you need when your child is having a hard time! This homeopathic blend has been designed to help calm your child through those big feelings. It will also help soothe any mild discomfort and calm them down again.

Little Teeth is a homeopathic blend designed to help babies with those sore gums and teeth as they come through. It will help your little cherub through those tough teething times and hopefully give you some more sleep.

Hangover is a homeopathic blend that has been hand-made to help you feel better after indulging a little too much. We all feel a little ‘blah’ after too much rich food, alcohol or just overdoing it in general. This blend will help soothe your body, ease hangover symptoms and settle an upset stomach.

Sprains, Strains and Inflammation is a homeopathic blend designed to support the healing process with sprains, strains, and inflammation. It will support the healing of soft tissue damage, will help to bring down inflammation, and will support the body to heal sprains and strains.

Migraine Mix is a special homeopathic blend that has been handcrafted to help you find relief from your migraine symptoms even on the worst days. This blend will help support the body and soothe the head pain, and reduce eye pain and nausea.

Calm Colic is a homeopathic blend that has been hand made designed to help support your baby with a sore tummy or gripey pains that are very common in those early months and beyond. Will give relief to colicky, sore tummies.

Safe for Pregnancy and breastfeeding, babies through to the elderly.

Each Bottle is 50ml

Use only as directed.
Always read the label or information supplied.
If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.

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