The health journey…

Just like life, health is about the journey and not the destination. 

My health journey REALLY began when I became pregnant with my twin boys. It was like a flick switched, and now that I didn’t just have myself to look after, I knew some big changes needed to happen. 

For me, this was a pivotal moment in life. Not only was I becoming a mum for the first time, but I was on a journey of self-discovery, where I would really begin to find my true passion. 

I’m Caitlin, the founder and owner of Grass Roots. The name says it all really, my business name reflects my beliefs of health. I believe that in order to find your path to true health, we need to start looking at the ‘grass roots’, the root cause. Without delving deep into the real reason for illness, we will never truly heal.   

My journey began with essential oils in 2019. I was following someone on Instagram that I thought was absolutely inspirational, and they signed me up as a wellness advocate. Throughout this process, I learnt about everything from why we should avoid artificial fragrance, to what chemicals to avoid in cleaning and body products.  

This research, along with a community of like-minded people sparked a further interest in health and wellbeing, and I began sharing my knowledge with my own community.  

A teacher by trade, I’ve always had a love of learning and educating. Alongside my full-time job, I hosted many workshops where I would share my knowledge of low tox living in the hope to inspire just one more person to make changes in their home. 

By implementing small changes in my own home by making my own cleaning products and reducing my overall exposure to toxins and fragrance, I was able to rid myself of asthma, something I had suffered from since I was a child.  

Seeing such huge improvements in my health lead me further into the rabbit hole of natural health, where I soon began my study as a naturopath. At the time, I then had 2-year-old twin boys, and now a newborn girl. My passion was so fierce for this study that I passed my first year of subjects with flying colours, something I never did during my teaching degree. I have never found it easy to study, but for some reason, what I was learning was making so much sense to me.  

1 year on, and I had decided to open my store, Grass Roots was born. I didn’t know what exactly this would look like still with such a young family and so much study to go, but I knew that what I had to offer was unlike anything we had in Port Lincoln, and that our community needed my offerings. 

My shop is not just a café or health store, it is a place of welcoming, a place that the most vulnerable people feel safe to share with me their own journey of health. Where I can guide them with the knowledge I have gained thus far to support them on their journey, and give them faith in our body’s innate ability to heal with natural food and supplements.  

Almost 1 year since I opened my business, and I can honestly say I could not be happier. I have delved further into my own health journey and created a business that can support not only my family, but your family too, and knowing this puts a smile on my face every day.