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Travel Kit Homeopathic Remedy Kit

Travel Kit Homeopathic Remedy Kit

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Homeopathic Travel Kit is the perfect kit to support you and your family while you are on the go. Whether you're getting about town, heading on a camping trip or traipsing the world, this kit has 10 "go to" remedies. 

Included in this homeopathy travel kit is:

  • Handy black protective travel case
  • Aconite 30c
  • Apis 30c
  • Arnica 30c
  • Arsenicum Alb 30c
  • Belladonna 30c
  • Calendula 30c
  • Chamomilla 30c
  • Mag phos 30c
  • Pulsatilla 30
  • Spongia 30c.



How much is 1 dose: 2 pillules for everyone. Or 2 drops if a water remedy. for water remedies make sure that you shake (bang it on your hand a few times) before use. Drop remedy under tongue, do not touch the dropper on any part of the mouth or tongue.

Pillules – how do I take them? just suck on the pillules till they dissolve.

If a baby is struggling with pillules? If you are using the same remedy frequently in one day. You can put 2 pills in a glass of water then stir with a plastic spoon. Take out one teaspoon and dose with that. Each time you need dose stir then 1 teaspoon for the dose. This can be a good option to make your pillules last a bit longer too.

Sometimes the pills stick together.

  1. Bang the container, the pills will separate and dispense easily.
  2. Tip 2 little pills into the lid, tip into your mouth and suck.
  3. If two pills stick together leave them stuck together.
  • Homoeopathics should be not be taken straight after eating.
  • Homoeopathics absorb better into a clean palate.
  • Take homoeopathic medicine before eating.
  • If you have just eaten, allow 5 minutes.
  • You can eat straight after taking the remedies.
  • Easiest is, first thing in the morning, or last thing at night.
  • Take before brushing your teeth.

 When taking more than one homoeopathic medicine:  allow 10 minutes between each remedy.

 If taking weekly remedies: take on the same day each week if taking 2 or more weekly remedies spread them out through the week and repeat the remedies on the same day each week.

Can a baby choke on the pillules if they’re only 1-5 months old? No, the pillules are small, taste nice and dissolve easily. If you’re concerned, can dissolve in water and give the child half a teaspoon for a dose.

How come some of the pillules are white and others more opaque? Different suppliers have slightly different colours of the pillules.

Where should I store my Homeopathics?

Keep all your remedies together in a lunch box, in a cupboard away from strong smells

What do I do if they spit them out? Throw the pillules away and give the child a new dose. If pillules are still on the lips, gently push back inside the mouth with parent’s finger.

How long to they have to be in the mouth to be effective? About 30seconds.

What do I do if my child throws up after taking the remedy? If it is within 20 minutes of taking the dose, then wait 30 minutes and repeat the dose.

If the pillules fall on the ground, can I pick them up and use them? No, throw them away.

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